Impact Business Solutions Group is only looking to team up with experienced brokers that understand this space. There is a tremendous opportunity with us as an independent contracted agent if the fit is right. We are only looking for the best of the best who have an understanding of worksite related wellness programs that can bring value to this tremendous opportunity. The fact is, that in order for our program to work, an employee must already be covered by health insurance, either through their employer or their spouses employer. For those who understand the value we have as a company, we may extend the offer for you to work with our strategic partners and make a career out of this. We work with a different array of products and services that are bundled in way you have never seen before that will help your clients and ultimately make IBSG and its independent brokers/agents to be a top leader in this space. If you were referred by another representative or independent contractor of Impact Business Solutions Group, we would be happy to speak with you. Please send a message to our office and one of our agents will be in touch with you. We look forward to partnering with agents that want to spread our mission, which is to truly help business owners reduce costs while providing outstanding customer service, while at the same time provide outstanding services to their employees with no new net dollars out their budget and help the employees receive a tremendous program for health and well-being.

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