The “SIMERP” health plan is a superior choice among today’s overall health and wellness health plan offerings. Employees who properly participate in this program will realize results within the first few months. These programs are custom tailored and monitored by registered nurses, and wellness professionals who provide a personalized roadmap to a successful healthier workplace.  This life changing program provides the employer with payroll tax savings averaging $550 per employee per year. It also provides ancillary products such as a guaranteed issue life insurance policy and supplemental insurance such as accident, critical illness, cancer, hospital indemnity, disability, and a plethora of other ancillary products with little or no change in the employees’ net take-home-pay.

So, how does the “SIMERP” program work?

The program is a Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (SIMERP). These types of plans are very beneficial to both the employer and the employee.

Employees are required to perform two triggers per month, which can be accomplished via text, email, or they may call our wellness coaches. All wellness coaches are registered nurses. Employees may also access any section of our health enhancement services.

Every participating employee has access to a registered nurse coach and is required at enrollment to complete an (HRA) Health Risk Assessment. No employee can be disqualified for following this process.

This life enhancement program will help employees by offering exercise programs, nutritional education, ways to reduce stress & anxiety and be proactive in their health to prevent future diseases or health related matters. Along with a personal health dashboard.


Here is how it works:

Submit a Quick Census and we will then provide a customized healthcare cost analysis showing the employee’s additional benefits and the cost savings to you the employer.

  • The employee makes a pre-tax premium payment to the (SIMERP) medical health plan each paycheck. (Just like he/she can for HSAs, HRAs, 401Ks, Pensions, Health Insurance Premiums etc…)
  • The employee’s taxable income is reduced because the premium is “pre-tax” and is set up on a Section 125. (*lower taxable income also potentially reduces workman’s comp premiums.)
  • The payroll tax savings is realized by the employer and the employee because neither party is required to pay tax on pretax deductions that utilize the section 125 /Cafeteria Plan.
  • A “SIMERP” is sanctioned under Section 105(b) and the IRC (1.105-11). A SIMERP is a separate written plan for the benefit of employees that provides a tax-free reimbursement per pay period, on a tax-free basis and usually no reduction in their take home pay. Employers have a FICA savings per each participant.
  • The employee’s participation in the wellness program generates a “Preventative Medical Reimbursement” payment to the employee. This is complaint under IRC code 213(d). This process produces the funds which create the wellness reserve of an average of $150 per month.
  • We use the wellness reserve to purchase life insurance, accidental insurance, critical illness, disability and cancer and/or any of the allowable types of products which are deemed “ancillary” by the IRC.
  • Based on the structure of the program and compliant procedures the employee experiences little or no reduction in his/her NET take home paycheck. The employer experiences a reduction in their payroll tax obligations on each payroll run beginning in month one of the program, once the pay to play administrative fees are met by the employer through the structure of the section 125 plan documents.
  • A MERP differs from an FSA in that it funds are not set aside ahead of time. There’s no minimum or maximum amount by law.

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