Opting into the “Voluntary” (SIMERP) Health Program, allows you the employee to take advantage of a suite of life enhancement products and when the employer sponsors a Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, you will be eligible to obtain certain health packages through the payroll tax savings known as a wellness reserve. The wellness reserves are to be used to purchase the following Life Enhancement Products and Services below! This is just a brief list of all the tremendous services that you and your family will be able to utilize. Whatever is left over from the wellness reserve to purchase these health packages are partially listed below. You will also have access to potential guaranteed issue life insurance product that will build cash value for your retirement, prepare a child for college or even purchase a home. This is all accomplished with little or no change in your take-home-pay.

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  • Hospital Indemnity Policy – This will help negate some or most of your Out-of-Pocket deductibles. Most high deductible plans have a range from $3000 to $7500 per individual or family and rising every year.

  • Accident Policy – This will allow you to file a claim for an accident without having to tap into your personal bank accounts to pay for i.e. injuries, and without possibly utilizing your health insurance deductibles.

  • Cancer Policy – Our cancer policies can provide you and your family members with peace of mind by paying cash benefits to help cover expenses that aren’t covered by your major medical insurance.

  • Critical Illness – In the unfortunate event of a heart attack, stroke or other critical events, this policy will pay out a pre-designated lump-sum to you and or your family.

  • Disability – While protecting your financial security, this individual disability income insurance can replace a portion of lost income if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

  • Guaranteed Issued Life Insurance – No employee can ever be turned down. In addition to providing life insurance, this policy will also pay a lump-sum amount in the unfortunate event of a terminal diagnosis. This product also provides an annuity or indexed product rider that will help build cash value for retirement. *Depending on who the carrier is.

Besides these wonderful benefits to your Employer, you the employee will “Win” by having access to 24/7 Board Certified Doctors with NO Copays, Registered Nurses with No Copays, Discounts on MRI’s, Labs and X-Ray’s, Behavioral Health Professionals with NO Copays, Bio-metric screenings all with No Copays, along with many other services without using your Major Medical Deductibles.